Volvo Trucks reliability levels help Amazone Ltd grow its business

Volvo Trucks reliability levels help Amazone Ltd grow its business

South Yorkshire based agricultural and ground care machinery manufacturers, Amazone Ltd, have put two new crane-equipped Volvo FH tractor units into operation.

“We are now on our third generation of Volvos and we like to get ten years service out of each truck. We remain with Volvo due to the reliability levels we get with the brand,” declares Ian Caulkett, Logistics Manager at Amazone Ltd.

Supplied by Gareth Stone, Area Sales Manager at Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd, the two FH 540s were specified with Globetrotter XL Cabs featuring Drive Plus and Twin Bed Living packages.

The two 3.9m wheelbase FH tractor units have uprated rear suspension units and ten-tonne front axles, as each truck is fitted with a PM Crane. “For operational flexibility, we’ve gone for a 40 tonne per metre unit on one FH and a 65 tonne per metre on the other. The finished vehicles represent a substantial investment and we’ll be looking for a minimum of ten years front line service with the pair,” Ian adds.

The performance levels of Amazone’s new FH tractor units will be monitored by Volvo’s Dynafleet fleet management system.

“The FHs haul King step frame and plant trailers. Add in the fact that the loads we carry are not aerodynamic and each combination weighs in at around 25 tonnes empty, so it’s fair to say that we don’t live or die by fuel consumption figures,” Ian explains adding, “We have a good working relationship with Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd in Rotherham and the FHs are covered by a three-year Volvo Service Contract.”

Operating exclusively on an own-account basis from Amazone Ltd’s new purpose built, training and distribution premises in Auckley, Doncaster, which opened in Spring 2019, the new Volvos will deliver the manufacturer’s products across the UK mainland. Each truck is expected to accrue between 60,000 and 70,000 miles per year, whilst the stunning green-liveried FHs sport graphics supplied by local business Beacon Signs.

Founded during 1983, Amazone Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazone – Werke. The company supplies and supports both agricultural and ground care machinery in the UK.

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