I-Shift Dual Clutch delivers a smooth transition and a ten per cent fuel economy improvement at KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals Ltd

I-Shift Dual Clutch delivers a smooth transition and a ten per cent fuel economy improvement at KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals Ltd

Alfreton based KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals Ltd.’s first Volvo truck is delivering the goods across several disciplines after just three months in service. The FH 540 4×2 tractor unit is using ten per cent less fuel than its stablemates and delivering a smoother and safer driving experience hauling the company’s bulk tankers.

“Volvo’s I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission has been a revelation to our European bulk deliveries,” reports David Roe, Supply Chain Manager UK at KMG. “Our tanker trailers supply the semi conductor industry and carry 23,000kgs of product. They also have no surge plates fitted, so the bulk liquid loads produce substantial movements during vehicle acceleration, braking or cornering. They also create large amounts of drag and inter-axle weight transfers. The seamless gear changes delivered by I-Shift Dual Clutch have done away with a huge percentage of these forces, which results in safer vehicle handling and reduced journey times. Having no pauses between gear changes also make a huge difference to fuel economy figures and at present our FH 540 I-Shift Dual Clutch, running at 40 tonnes GVW, is ten per cent more efficient than any other truck in the fleet,” David adds.

Supplied by Hartshorne Motor Services Ltd, the new Volvo is also equipped with a twin bunk Globetrotter XL Cab, I-Park Cool and a metallic silver livery complemented by Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels.

“We operate a one driver, one truck policy but opted for Volvo’s range topping cab with a Twin Bed Living Package, as we occasionally double man trucks on urgent deliveries or when training a new driver. The driver loves the I-Park Cool and has been sending back pictures of him resting under a duvet in the South of France when the outside temperature is 39 degrees centigrade! Unsurprisingly, our other drivers want the same system,” David quips.

Main dealer proximity is also an important factor for the company, who opted for a five year Volvo Gold Service Contract with European Service Cover for their new FH. “Hartshorne Motor Services in Alfreton is our closest dealerpoint and initially they provided us with an I-Shift Dual Clutch equipped FH demonstrator for evaluation. On delivery runs to France and Germany, our trucks can average between 650 and 750 kilometres per day. The speed of gear changes with I-Shift Dual Clutch soon add up, with all those seconds changing into minutes per day. The Volvo can get that little bit further than the others. Sometimes that can mean the difference between catching or missing a ferry,” David concludes.

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